Thursday, February 10, 2022

Introducing the Signed & Numbered R. Crumb Creem Serigraph and the New Boy Howdy! T-Shirt

Wildwood Serigraphs and announce the release of the new R. Crumb CREEM serigraph edition.

In 1969, while passing through Detroit, Crumb was requested to draw the cover for a new Rock n' Roll newspaper called Creem. Being a leader in the underground art movement, Crumb obliged the youngsters in Detroit. But he did it with mixed feelings–Crumb did not appreciate modern pop music. So, while on one hand he gave them what they wanted, on the other he slyly added his own allegory: the pop music industry (the spray can–Mr. Dreamwhip) saturating the kids with white, fluffy junk.

Since the only copy of the artwork we could find was an actual newspaper cover from 1969, we scanned that and I spent the summer cleaning it up (each side of each line–it took a long, long time). When I finished, I mailed the restored artwork (printed in high resolution on bristol board) to Crumb in France where he reworked and finalized it. He mailed it back to me with a color guide. I color separated the artwork to his specifications and then printed the edition in December of 2021. It was signed and numbered in France in January of this year.

We're pleased to release this 16 color serigraph edition of an image that was always meant to be in color. There are 110 prints in the edition, each print numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. And each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity written by Crumb. The cream, archival Rives BFK paper is 20" x 27." The image size is 14" x 19." Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Release date: Friday, February 11th. 



Introduced on the cover of Creem's Rock n' Roll newspaper, Boy Howdy! has taken on a life of his own. For some reason, when the Creem newspaper turned into a magazine, it appropriated Boy Howdy! as their logo, and certainly without Crumb's permission.

But that magazine has been out of print for decades now, and we want to celebrate the reemergence of Boy Howdy! at his best–in full color and with Crumb's full permission. 

We screen printed this 5 color design directly onto a royal blue Next Level 100% cotton t-shirt. These are expensive, top-of-the-line combed cotton t-shirts that are extremely soft and comfortable. 

Lastly, Boy Howdy! is an exclamation that was popular during the era of World War 1. Crumb probably heard it on one of his 78 records from that time. Example of its use: "Boy Howdy is it hot!" Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large • $20

2XL • $23


Thursday, November 11, 2021

Release: R. Crumb's The Little Guy That Lives Inside My Brain Etching

 R. Crumb's The Little Guy That Lives Inside My Brain

In 1986, Crumb drew this illustration in one of his sketchbooks. It went unnoticed until Denis Kitchen put it in The R. Crumb Coffee Table Artbook in 1997. Later, in 2012, when the German publishing company Taschen released their collection of Crumb's sketchbooks (1982-2011), they included a small color poster (they called it an "art print") of Crumb's The little Guy That Lives Inside My Brain.

Now we're releasing a special black and white etching edition of only 40 prints, each one numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. Crumb slightly reworked the illustration specifically for this etching edition. It's a fantastic printing job–extremely detailed and crisp. The Hahnemuhle paper is 12" x 15." The embossed area is 8" x 9.5 inches. The illustration is 7" x 8.5 inches. The Release date is Friday, November 12th. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Thursday, August 12, 2021

2021 Summer Sale Sold Out R Crumb Prints

 2021 Summer Sale Sold Out R Crumb Prints

Each summer I sell prints from my personal print collection, or prints acquired in trades. All of these prints are from editions that are now sold out. They're in mint condition and have been stored in a flat file where they have never been exposed to light. I highly recommend using UV protected glass if you're going to buy and frame any of these prints. 

-Alex Wood

Heroes of the Blues Serigraph Print

This 150 print serigraph edition sold out within a year it was published (2010). The cream paper size is 22" x 30," image size is 16.5" x 25". This is print number #105/150, and is signed by Crumb as R. "String Bean" Crumb. There were 17 colors used to create this edition. Comes with its cert written by Crumb. Stored flat and is in mint condition.



Self-Loathing Comics Serigraph Print

There were 40 prints in this 2015 edition. This is print number 20/40. It's numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. This one is custom signed R. "You're Breaking My Heart" Crumb with a nic signature too! There were 16 colors used to create this edition. There were NO certificates issued with this edition. Instead, there is a indicia printed at the bottom of the print giving the specifications and colors printed. The white archival paper is 13" x 17". The actual print size is 8" x 11.5". The original crop marks were printed so this image is slightly larger than the one appearing on the front of the comic book cover which was originally released in 1994. 



Fritz the Cat Serigraph Print

24 colors using 20 screens were used to print this edition in 2001. There are 200 prints in the edition. The white Rives BFK paper is 22" x 30". The image is 18" x 22.5". The certificate, which is signed by Jesse and Alex, was written by Robert. The print is in mint condition, stored flat. Numbered, signed and dated by Robert, this is print number 159/200.



Dale Steinberger Serigraph Print

There are 200 prints in this edition, and this is print number 193/200.  The edition was released in 2004. The cream Rives BFK paper is 22" x 30". The image size is 14" x 19". The certificate, written by Crumb, is signed by both Jesse Crumb (in cursive with a crazy, large-size Sharpie pen) and Alex. Nice blend in the sky. Mint condition, stored flat, never has seen the light of day. 



Blind Arvella Gray Etching

There are 40 prints in the edition, with an additional 8 Artist's proofs and 3 printer proofs. The paper size is 12" x 13". The embossed area is 8.75" x 8.25". The image size is 8" x 7". None of the prints were customized with a special Crumb nick-name. This is print number 36/40.



Work On It

This etching was released in 2018 as an edition of 40. This is print number 39/40.  This is one of Crumb's more popular etching editions, so it’s hard to find. The paper is 10” x 12”. The image is 5” x 5.5”. Numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. I try to wrap my head around the whole damn thing, but I’m as confused and baffled as Flakey. Love this image!



Bettie Page

This etching edition was released in 2019. The white Hahnemuhle paper is 13" x 16.5." The embossed area is 9" x 12." The image size is 8" x 11." There are 50 prints in this edition, with 6 Artist Proofs and 3 Printer Proofs. This is print number 45/50. I saw someone selling this on eBay for $2,000–this world is a crazy place.



The Haymakers Etching

Released in 2015 as a 40 piece etching edition, there were also 5 artist proofs and 3 printer's proofs. The archival white paper is 11" x 14" inches. The image area is 6.5" x 9". Each print is numbered, dated and signed by Crumb. This is an Artist Proof print number 2/5. In mint condition, stored flat and ready to go. This drawing is taken from a detail of Bruegel's oil painting The Hay Harvest.



Beloved Music Makers of Days Gone By Portfolio

Released in 1999, this portfolio contains three screen prints of Crumb portraits. The prints are enclosed in a printed portfolio case which is also screen printed. The writing and artwork was done by Crumb for both the portfolio case and Certificate of Authenticity. The prints are 13” x 16”.  It’s an edition of 200 and this is portfolio number #172. The Certificate is signed by both Jesse and Alex.  The three prints inside (Jack Teagarden-jazz; Memphis Minnie & Kansas City Joe-blues; The North Carolina Ramblers-country) are each signed, dated and numbered by Crumb. Mint condition.



Head Comix Serigraph Print

This edition was printed in 2001. The edition never had a certificate created for it. There is a very light indicia printed at the bottom of the cream paper (which is 22" x 30"). The image size is 14" x 18.5". There were 18 colors used to print the edition. Numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. This is print number #85/200. Stored flat; never has seen the light of day, mint condition.



Crumb's 3rd Eye Serigraph print

This 110 piece edition was printed in 2009 using sixteen colors. The humor is classic Crumb, and wait until you read the Certificate of Authenticity—it's very mystical and just as funny. Paper size is 15" x 12" with an image size of 12" x 9". This is print number 3 of 110. Mint condition.



Mr. Natural Does the Dishes Serigraph Print

This 160 print edition was released in 2011, ten years ago. The white paper is 18 x 26 inches, the image is 12" x 18". All the prints were numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. This print is one of my printer's proofs. There are three of them and this one is 3/3. The certificate of authenticity was written by Crumb two different times, and both versions are on this cert which is signed by Alex. The print is in mint condition.



Arcade #2 

This 120 print edition was printed and signed in 2005. It took a while to sell out but it remains a high point in our collection of editions. There were 23 colors and 21 screens used to create this edition. The registration and spit-fountains (a total of five blends were used in the edition!) work perfectly. I was also able to hold the best detail with 230 mesh/dpi dither output of the films I used–the perfect combination. I think, as a printer, this is one of the best editions I've printed. The image size is 13" x 18.5". The cream paper size is 20" x 26". Comes with its cert, written by Crumb and signed by both Jesse and Alex. Crumb gave this artist proof to his good friend and I'm selling it for her as a favor. This is Artist Proof 4/14. Mint condition.



Keep on Truckin' Serigraph Print

This 12 color edition was printed and released in January of 2017. It sold out in a couple of weeks. There are 95 prints in the edition. This is print number 73/95 and it's signed R. "Give Me Air" Crumb. The white paper size is 25.5" x 19". The image size is 19" x 12". In mint condition. Comes with its certificate of authenticity written by Crumb.



Mr. Natural's 719th Mediation Serigraph Print

 This 16 color 100 print serigraph edition was printed and released in 2019. It sold out very quickly. The white paper is archival BFK Rives paper which is 22" x 26". The image size is almost "16 x 18". Each print is numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. It comes with its own certificate of authenticity which was written and drawn by Crumb. This is print 95/100.



BB King Serigraph Print

This 245 print edition was signed by both BB King and Robert Crumb. The certificate is signed by Floyd Lieberman (who was BB's manager in 2002) and Alex. There were 31 colors (29 screens) used to print this edition. The cream paper is 25" x 22". The image size is 17" x 14".  This is print number 150/245. Mint Condition– stored flat and never seen the light of day. Nice sig by BB.



Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Howl (New Crumb Art!) T-Shirt (and more…)

Crumb did this sketch of his cat as a parody of Munch's The Scream. He drew it for his grandchild, but Crumb's assistant liked it so much, she asked me to make some t-shirts of it. I liked it so much I printed a bunch of them, and we're offering them to you on two different colors: Cardinal Red and Black.

This tee is screen printed tee is screen printed using six colors on a super soft, 100% combed ring spun cotton Next Level t-shirts. This means the color will last as long as the t-shirt does. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. The image size on the shirt is 7" x 9".

Black - $20   BUY ME

Red  -  $20   BUY ME


When I lay a Next Level white t-shirt flat upon a table and measure from armpit to armpit, these are the resulting measurements:

Small- 17 inches (34)

Medium - 19 inches (38)

Large - 21 inches (42)

XLarge - 23 inches (46)

2XLarge - 25 inches (50)

Plus, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Stoned Agin! (Hytone Comix, 1971), we're offering a special sale on all Stoned Agin! t-shirts for the summer.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Introducing The New Mr. Natural on a Bicycle T-Shirt and Meet Reilly

 Mr. Natural on a Bicycle Tee Shirt

Announcing the release of a new t-shirt just in time for summer. A full, four color process Mr. Natrual on a Bicycle t-shirt. The shirt itself is a 100% combed cotton (very soft!) Next Level Antique Gold t-shirt–one of the most comfortable, luxurious t-shirts on the market. The design is directly screen printed onto the shirt with four colors on top of a white under printer. The result is a fun, long lasting, super-comfortable Mr. Natural t-shirt guaranteed to please you or your money back.

Meet Reilly 
Meet the face behind our social media: Reilly. Reilly is a Crumb fan and long-time art lover. During her undergraduate studies, she has undertaken the responsibility of running the Official Rcrumb Facebook and Instagram sites, and she loves it! She's an avid traveler, skier and has recently just graduated from the University of Wisconsin.

Reilly has just interviewed R. Crumb. To read the interview, click here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Announcing R Crumb's New Book: Crumb's World plus 2 New T-Shirts! announces the sale of Crumb's new book Crumb's World.

A new hardcover book entitled Crumb's World has just been released by David Zwirner Books. Zwirner Gallery (New York & London) sell Crumb's original artwork and have now published a 190 page book of the artist's work. The book opens with an essay by Robert Storr and some introductory historical cartoons which influenced Crumb. The publisher's headline reads as: R. Crumb’s obsessions—from sex to the Bible, music, politics, and the vicissitudes and obscenities of daily life—are chronicled in this comprehensive book of work by the illustrious American comic artist.

The cover is illustrated and designed by Crumb so it's, needless to say, fantastic. The back cover also features a new self-portrait of Crumb. The book features all-color pages of Crumb comic book covers, pages from his sketchbooks, pages from his Kafka book, some strips in black and white (Footsy and The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick), and drawings from his Art & Beauty series, as well as some recent portraits. 

The hardcover book is 7.75" x 9.75 inches, nicely bound, with thick, smooth paper–a well-published book.


(Free Shipping )


We're unable to mail this book outside of the US because it's so heavy and therefore too expensive to mail.

The Music Never Stopped T-Shirt

The Music Never Stopped: Roots of the Grateful Dead is a compilation album of songs, performed by the original artists, that the American rock group the Grateful Dead covered and performed live throughout their career. Crumb illustrated the album cover for its release in 1995. It's screen printed directly onto a Next Level !00% combed cotton cream shirt (Cream Next Level t-shirts are slightly darker than Natural t-shirts). The image is 12.5" x 12.5"– we had to print a large image to keep all the detail.

Next Level t-shirts are luxuriously soft with a tight knit; one of the best 100% combed cotton shirts on the market.



Fritz the Cat on Silver Grey T-Shirt

We're keeping Fritz cool for the summer by putting him on a Silver Grey Next Level t-shirt. Lighter than Gildan Heavyweight shirts, Next Level t-shirts have a finer yarn, a tighter knit and ultimately a smoother, softer feel in comparison. This 6 color screen print of Fritz the Cat is printed directly onto a super soft, 100% cotton Warm Gray t-shirt with vivid colors that you can only achieve with screen printing–transfers just aren't in the same league. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!



Friday, March 19, 2021

R. Crumb Spring T-Shirt Sale!

In celebration of Spring, of going outside into warm weather and into a world of a diminishing pandemic, we're having our first Spring Sale! Call us foolish, but we dare to hope for the end of this old, grey world and welcome the new life about to burst out with the coming of Spring. Goodbye winter! Begone Covid! 

All t-shirts are $15 (2XL's $18) from Friday, March 19th through Sunday, March 20th–the Equinox Weekend.

Buy at