Thursday, December 10, 2009

R. Crumb's Third Eye Signed & Numbered Serigraph

We have just received the edition back from France where it was signed by Crumb. This is a smaller image size (paper size is 15" x 12") as per Robert's request. He also supplied a nice watercolor for the color guide, and I subsequently used 16 colors/16 screens to translate the subtle variations of color; so the edition does have a soft, watercolor feel. It's on cream paper, so the white (Crumb's glasses and third eye) really pops as it was meant to. This creates quite a hypnotizing stare, which only accentuates the humor in this piece. The humor is classic Crumb, and wait until you read the Certificate of Authenticity—it's very mystical and just as funny.

Paper size: 15" x 12".
Image size: 12" x 9"
Edition size of 110 prints with 11 Artist Proofs and 3 Printer Proofs. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and our guarantee for your complete satisfaction or your money back.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

First Chance: Quiet Study Etching Signed & Numbered to 45 by R Crumb

Wildwood Serigraphs is releasing the latest Crumb etching we call Quiet Study. It's one of Crumb's favorite drawings, and he really does look forward to the day when he can devote most of his time to quiet study. Let's hope this doesn't happen too soon. Just kidding R.—you've worked hard enough, you deserve a little R n' R.

A limited edition of 45. Hand-ripped German paper is 12 x 15 inches. Embossed area is 9 x 6 inches. Actual image is 7.75 inches by 4.75 inches. Signed, numbered and dated by Crumb.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Limited Edition Genesis Hardcover can finally announce the release of Crumb's Limited Edition Genesis book. The edition is limited to 250, with each book slipcased, signed and numbered by Crumb. Also included in each book is a signed 9 color serigraph print (printed by Alex Wood of Wildwood Serigraphs) which measures 8 x 10".

We were only able to secure 20 books from the edition, so the availability will be limited. Only one book per customer please. Each book will be sold at $488, less than the retail price suggested by WW Norton. To be released on Monday, November 16th.
We apologize for the delay, but Norton did not ship this edition until Tuesday, November 10th.

Black slipcase with color picture of Adam and Eve being expelled from Eden on front is: 9 x 11.5". Black hardcover of the book itself with gold type embossed: 8.75 x 11 1/8".

$488 Each

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Illustrated Book of Genesis will ship Crumb's long awaited Genesis book on Wed, September 23rd. The hardcover, 224 page book is currently being shipped to us by WW Norton and is retailing for $24.95. We'll sell it to you for an even $24. Shipping will be $5, but it must be shipped Media mail (6-8 business days) as Priority would be over $10 if shipped to New York or California.
The special, signed, limited edition book of 250 (with a signed print enclosed) will not be released until the middle of October and will retail for $500. We'll let you know when those are for sale.
Order now for the regular edition and we'll ship them out next Wednesday. Thank you for your support.

Hardcover book is 8.9 inches by 11.3 inches, weighs 2.25 pounds.

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Where's Crumb - Fall 2009

Robert, in accordance with his agreement with W.W. Norton Company (the publisher of his latest book), will spend much of this autumn promoting Genesis. In late September he will hold a two day press event in Paris, and in the middle of October start his press tour of the US in New York City. From there he is headed to Richmond, Virginia. From there he attends an event in L.A. where all 200+ pages of the original art which comprises the book will be shown at the Hammer Museum. From L.A. he goes up to San Francisco where he will do some interviews but also take some time off to visit friends. In the middle of November he goes to the University of Texas in Austin to finish the tour. Upon his return to France, he looks forward to beginning the new book he and Aline plan to do together.

We thank everyone for their advice concerning dewarping 78 records. Many, many of you were kind enough to email us. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Robert trying to fix a warped 78 record by "melting" it flat in the oven.

Here's Robert trying to flatten a warped 78 record by heating it in the oven. It's a difficult process, and one that can easily destroy the record as well. His efforts were unsuccessful this time, and we're asking you for your help. Robert is looking for this 78 record by DOC HOPKINS — "OLD JOE CLARK" and "21 years". Released on Paramount 577. He needs a clean copy, Any leads would be appreciated.

Contact Alex Wood

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Sale

We have purchased, though a somewhat convoluted deal, the last 55 Devil Girl statues from an edition of 550. This edition was coordinated/directed by Jesse Crumb and signed by Robert Crumb in 1999. I think they sold for $240 or $250 each, but we're letting them go at our cost— $150 each. We want to move them out as we don't have the room for them. You will not find the Devil Girl (or Robert's sig) at a less expensive price.

Dimensions: from table to top of foot: 7 inches; base is 7.5 inches diameter; base is one inch high. Signature label is affixed to bottom of base and is about 4 3/8ths by 2 1/4. Robert's sig line is about 3 inches long, his signature takes about 2 inches of it.

$150 Each
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where's Crumb - Summer 2009

Robert flew to the West Coast early May and visited some old friends. Around May 21st he took the train to Minneapolis where his extended family members brought him to his family's roots in Southeast Minnesota. After some days there, Robert came down to Madison to sign the new Wildwood Serigraph edition (San Francisco Comics).

We have some pictures of our luncheon at John Roussos' New Orleans take-out where Robert ate Jumbalaya, lamp chops, asparagus and bread pudding, The guy can put it down.

Afterward we ambled through the Chazen museum where there was a show about underground comics.

Late May he flew back to France from O'Hare where he will soon begin his collaborative book with Aline. He'll probably be back this Fall for the release of Genesis.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Chance!: San Francisco Comics Signed & Numbered Serigraph Print

Robert came through town this week to sign the new edition— the San Francisco Comics cover from 1971. There are a 110 prints in this edition using fifteen colors, all signed and numbered by Crumb on Tuesday (May 26th).

The image is 13.5" by 19.5", on white Rives BFK archival paper. Each print is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Orders start shipping on Friday, May 29th with our unconditional guarantee for your complete satisfaction or your money back.

$340 Each
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Where's Crumb - Spring 2009

Robert has finished the Genesis project. It's 201 pages. He has also finished the Cover, the Introduction, the commentary (for the back sleeve) and also the Map, which will be in the beginning of the book. The book is soon going to production and it's planned to be released this fall.

And what are his plans now that this huge project is complete? He has to catch up on his correspondence which has been building up some time now. And then a little break—a journey to the States. He and Aline are talking about collaborating on a book upon his return, but that's later this summer.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Short History of America Limited Edition Numbered Giclee

Wildwood is releasing one of Crumb's most popular images, and one which has been requested ever since the poster edition sold out. Finally, A Short History of America is available again as an unsigned, numbered edition of 500 giclee prints. This edition is printed with Epson's archival Ultrachrome inks on Somerset's archival matt paper. This edition is chromatically brighter and guaranteed to completely satisfy, as all Wildwood prints are.

Paper Size: 24" x 20"
Image Size: 22" x 15"

$85 Each
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