Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Exclusive Product for the Newsletter

We now have these items to sell. These are available here for our newsletter subscribers. In one week we will post these on the site for the general public to purchase.

Please note, we only have one of each of these items to sell so if something interests you jump on it now!

78 Quarterly
Volume 1 Number 4
Fine condition

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Mr. Natural, Smelly
Old Cat & Mr. Snoid
Set of 3 enamel pins
Mint in boxes $100.00

Mitchell Brothers

Cocktail Napkin
Archival framed acid free
materials UV glass

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The Klezmorim
Streets of Gold
Sealed LP
Mint condition
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R. Crumb and his Deluxe
String Orchestra Poster

Vintage 1974

Near Mint condition

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Snatch Sampler
First Printing
Fine condition

Mr Natural Soft Vinyl Toy
Kitchen Sink Press

Mint condition

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Recycled Records Poster
Vintage 1972 • 8 1/2" x 11"

Winters Bike Shop
Tire Patch Kit


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