Saturday, April 25, 2015

The R.Crumb Site is pleased to announce a new etching edition, 
Bruegel's The Hay Harvest

Crumb's new etching is taken from Bruegel's painting The Hay Harvest (1565). One reason we're publishing this image is because Crumb's skill at translating a painting into a black and white ink drawing is under-appreciated. It's a beautiful illustration, almost like an engraving. Another reason is because Crumb's original drawing of the three haymakers is owned by a Norwegian collector named Tomas Brudvik, who was kind enough to send us a high resolution scan of the print. So we're starting with original artwork, which helps in our attempt to get the best possible print. Lastly, and I'm sorry to have to report this, but many of our customers can't seem to get their wife's approval for Crumb's work going up on the wall–well, this print is for all those kind, patient and saintly husbands. 

There are only 40 prints in this edition, with 5 artist proofs and 3 printer proofs. The archival white paper is 11 x 14 inches. The image area is 6.5  x 9 inches. Each print is numbered, dated and signed by Crumb (his signature is not shown in the picture because the prints are on the West Coast being signed at the moment). Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. 
$350 Each  
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