Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Alex Wood has just finished the third in his continuing series of Crumb On Others interviews.  Alex explains, "Over the years, talking with Robert, I've been surprised by many of his likes and dislikes. In a discussion in March, 2012, I asked for his comments on Janis Joplin, Hitler, Kurtzman, Bukowski and others in the news past and present, many suggested by our readers. We have plenty of names still to discuss, but if you'd like to hear Robert's opinion on someone we haven't covered, please e-mail your suggestions to tom@rcrumb.com. We can't promise that we will get to all of them, but we will add them to the list for future interviews." 


The next print release from Wildwood Serigraphs and the Official Crumb Site will be a signed and numbered giclee edition of Early Hot Jazz Greats, based on the trading card series. It will be a companion print to our Heroes of the Blues serigraph. This time, rather than a serigraph, Crumb and Alex have decided that the only way to create an edition of the Early Hot Jazz Greats is as a giclee print. This is because Crumb created each portrait in watercolor, and serigraphy wouldn't be able to capture all the subtlety in the art. Crumb has selected 25 images which will be displayed in the print: King Oliver, Thomas “Fats” Waller, “Bix” Beiderbecke, Earl Hines, Coleman Hawkins, Jimmy Blythe, Frank Trumbauer, Sidney Bechet, Bennie Mozen, Jabbo Smith, “Muggsy” Spanier, Joe Venuti, Louis Armstrong, Mary Lou Williams, Benny Goodman, Freddy Keppard, Ernest “Punch” Miller, “Jelly Roll” Morton, Jack Teagarden, “Duke” Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Johnny Dodds, Eddie Lang, “Tiny” Parham and Jimmy Noone. The paper and images will be the same size as the Blues edition (22" x 30"), but on white paper, not cream. We're expecting to complete the edition in May, and Robert will sign it when he attends a May comics forum in Chicago.