Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1 & Done: BB King Signed & Numbered Serigraph #150/250

Here's a deal from rcrumb.com: from the sold out BB King edition, one beautiful serigraph print, #150/250, signed by both Crumb and BB King. The edition sold out years ago. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alex and Floyd Lieberman (BB King's manager). Satisfaction guaranteed. Any questions, email the site.



There were two items in that last newsletter that had errors in their product code that wouldn't allow users to purchase these items from the newsletter. So if there is anyone whom were interested in the Arcade Serigraph or the Modern America Lithograph, these are still available and can be purchased at this link.

Another thing that's good for people to know whom are interested in ordering from the newsletter, an inventory is set on every item and for these items we only have one of that inventory is "1". If someone clicks on the Buy Me links the item is automatically taken out of inventory and the user has fifteen minutes to complete their purchase before it's put back into inventory.

So if there's an item you really want listed in the newsletter, don't presume that it's unavailable just because no inventory is shown. Everyone receives these emails at the same time so that first day there is a lot of traffic viewing these items and I've often found that not every user whom clicks on these links, decides to buy. So if there is an item you're really interested in, you could try again in fifteen minutes or you could email the site and inquire about the availability. You're always free to bring your questions and comments to us.