Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Sale

We have purchased, though a somewhat convoluted deal, the last 55 Devil Girl statues from an edition of 550. This edition was coordinated/directed by Jesse Crumb and signed by Robert Crumb in 1999. I think they sold for $240 or $250 each, but we're letting them go at our cost— $150 each. We want to move them out as we don't have the room for them. You will not find the Devil Girl (or Robert's sig) at a less expensive price.

Dimensions: from table to top of foot: 7 inches; base is 7.5 inches diameter; base is one inch high. Signature label is affixed to bottom of base and is about 4 3/8ths by 2 1/4. Robert's sig line is about 3 inches long, his signature takes about 2 inches of it.

$150 Each
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