Friday, December 8, 2017

Crumb's 1 & Done Artist Proofs Christmas Sale

Over the years, Robert gave specially signed posters and some of his artist proofs to his close friend Carol Vinson. Now, both Carol and Robert have asked me to sell those prints and posters for her. I sold the first batch of her prints several years ago. And now we offer the second half of Carol's collection.

Harmonica Blues Signed Giclee Artist Proof
There are 40 signed artist proofs in this giclee edition. Crumb signed 20 of them in 2007 and this is number 12/20. He has yet to sign the last 20 artist proofs. The white archival paper size is 23" x 24". The image size is 17.5" x 17.5". Not embossed, nor do the giclees have a cert of authenticity. 

Les Primitifs Du Futur
This is a French poster signed by Crumb underneath the word "Futur." The relatively thin paper size is 16" x 23.5". It's crinkled in the corners and not in mint condition.

Arcade #2
There are 14 Artist Proofs in this 2005 Serigraph Edition. This is artist proof #5 that Crumb numbered in roman numerals and signed. The cream paper is 20" x 26". The image size is 13" x 18.5". Comes with its cert signed by Jesse Crumb and Alex Wood. 

Mr. Natural Does the Dishes
This 160 print edition was released in 2011. The white archival paper is 18" x 26". The image is 12" x 18". Comes with its own certificate. There are 16 artist proofs in this edition–this is artist proof #10/16, numbered in roman numerals by Crumb.

Louie Bluie Movie Poster
This movie poster is signed by Crumb in pencil. He did not date it. The poster is 19" x 25".  It's not in mint condition and seems to have a light stain in the bottom right-hand corner nearby Crumb's signature. The bottom right-hand corner also has a slight tear.

Twas Ever Thus
This 150 print edition was released in 2008. There are 15 artist proofs and this is proof number 1/15 signed and numbered by Crumb. Comes with its own cert also written by Crumb. Mint condition. 

Zap #0
This 110 print edition was released in 2007, 40 years after the Zap #0 was first published. There are 11 artist proofs in the edition and this is proof #8/11. It was numbered in roman numerals and signed by Crumb. The Rives BFK cream paper is 22" x30". The image size is 15" x 21". Comes with a cert which was written by Crumb.

Dale Steinberger
There are 200 prints in this edition with 17 artist proofs. This is artist proof number 17/17.  The edition was released in 2004. The cream Rives BFK paper is 22" x 30". The image size is 14" x 19". The certificate, written by Crumb, is signed by both Jesse Crumb and Alex Wood. Mint condition.

Heroes of the Blues
There are 150 prints in this 2010 edition, with 15 artist proofs. The paper is 22" x 30". The image size is 16.5" x 25". This is artist proof #7/15. Crumb erased something right below the number, but it's almost impossible to detect. Comes with its cert, written by Crumb. It's also custom signed R. "Gidadda Here" Crumb. 

Bob N Harv Comics
There are 170 prints in this edition with 17 artist proofs. This is artist proof # 2/17, numbered in roman numerals and signed by Crumb. The edition, which was released in 2007, is signed by both Harvey Pekar and and R.C. Unfortunately, Harvey died within three years of signing this edition. Both he and Crumb wrote the certificate of authenticity which accompanies this print. The cream paper is 22" x 30". The image size is 14.5" x 20". Mint condition.

Beloved Music Makers of Days Gone By
This is a portfolio of three different individually numbered and signed prints. There are 200 portfolios in the edition, released in 1999. There are 15 artist proof portfolios, and this is portfolio # 1/15. Each portfolio is encompassed by a portfolio jacket and a certificate of authenticity.  This certificate, for some unknown reason, is signed by Alex Wood but not by Jesse Crumb. The portfolio cover is 13" x 16". The three prints inside (Jack Teagarden-jazz; Memphis Minnie & Kansas City Joe-blues; The North Carolina Ramblers-country) are each signed, dated and numbered by Crumb. Mint condition.

Bare Yer Soul Etching
This 40 print etching edition was released in 2016. It's taken from one of Crumb's sketchbooks. The edition sold out last year. This is print number 19/40. The paper size is 11" x 9". The image size is 7" x 4". It's numbered, signed and dated by Crumb. There are no certs issued with etching editions. Mint condition.