Monday, July 19, 2010

Crumb on Crumb

The Official R.Crumb Site is pleased to announce the launching of a new feature, Crumb on Crumb. This section will present a growing collection of interviews and articles on R.Crumb's life and work, written by Crumb himself.

-- A discussion between Crumb and Wildwood Serigraphs' Alex Wood, July 2010

Alex is owner of Wildwood Serigraphs, the exclusive U.S. printer and publisher of R.Crumb serigraphs, giclees and etchings.

-- Crumb on LSD, the creation of his most famous characters, and his move to San Francisco in 1967

A transcription of an article originally appearing in The Complete Crumb Comics - Volume 4 (1988, Fantagraphics).

-- Robert's brother, Maxon, reflects on their childhood fascination with Treasure Island, and the inspiration for Robert's famed Treasure Island Days story.

The article originally appeared in shortened form in Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson (2004, Eureka Productions).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mr. Natural in Stone!

This statue is 12 inches tall, made of a light colored sandstone, and hand-carved in Bali. It is based upon the small 4.5 inch statue of Mr. Natural released in 1984. These new, bigger statues were commissioned by Alex Wood, of Wildwood Serigraphs, who personally oversaw the production in Bali. (Robert was insistent that he have no part in exploited labor, and that the carvers be paid more than their usual salary.) Note that these are carved, not casted, so expect the texture and small irregularities of hand craftsmanship. Still, the statues are all remarkably similar for being hand-carved.

The edition will consist of a total 40 statues. We received 15 statues last month and have since hand-painted each one with two coats of a special tinted rock sealant, which gives them a smooth, lustrous finish. So now Mr. Natural is ready to be placed inside or outside your home.

The remaining 25 statues will be delivered later this year. Now is your opportunity to purchase from the first 15 of these very limited statues, hand-carved and hand-painted for only $345 each. U.S. packaging and shipping via Priority Mail is $40 each, Canada $65. Sorry, no international shipping available at this time.

$345 + shipping

As with all our products, we guarantee your full satisfaction. If you are at all displeased with the quality, return your purchase and we will refund the full price.

More and detailed photos can be viewed on The Official R.Crumb Site