Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1 & Done: BB King Signed & Numbered Serigraph #150/250

Here's a deal from rcrumb.com: from the sold out BB King edition, one beautiful serigraph print, #150/250, signed by both Crumb and BB King. The edition sold out years ago. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alex and Floyd Lieberman (BB King's manager). Satisfaction guaranteed. Any questions, email the site.



There were two items in that last newsletter that had errors in their product code that wouldn't allow users to purchase these items from the newsletter. So if there is anyone whom were interested in the Arcade Serigraph or the Modern America Lithograph, these are still available and can be purchased at this link.

Another thing that's good for people to know whom are interested in ordering from the newsletter, an inventory is set on every item and for these items we only have one of that inventory is "1". If someone clicks on the Buy Me links the item is automatically taken out of inventory and the user has fifteen minutes to complete their purchase before it's put back into inventory.

So if there's an item you really want listed in the newsletter, don't presume that it's unavailable just because no inventory is shown. Everyone receives these emails at the same time so that first day there is a lot of traffic viewing these items and I've often found that not every user whom clicks on these links, decides to buy. So if there is an item you're really interested in, you could try again in fifteen minutes or you could email the site and inquire about the availability. You're always free to bring your questions and comments to us.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

1 & Done Collectibles

First off, I want to apologize to everyone because for some reason our feed service sent out an older version of the newsletter that was almost a year old. The item that was listed has long been sold out, and it's really unfortunate that this went out the way it did and got a number of people excited, only to be disappointed. It's frustrating for us as well because it causes confusion and that's really the last thing we want this newsletter to spread.

We do have some items to sell that we wanted to let collectors know are available. These are all items we only have one of to sell.

Modern America

Signed & Numbered Lithograph

Published in the mid-1990s
Edition #108/200

Buy Me

Your Hytone Comix

1st print 1971
Near Mint Condition

Buy Me

Robert Crumb
Cartoon Show Flyer

Th' Berkeley Gallery, S.F., CA

1st print 1971
Near Mint Condition

Buy Me

Zap #8 Comics

1st print 1975
Near Mint Condition

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Arcade #2 Serigraph

Signed & Numbered w/ Certificate

This sold out print edition was published by Wildwood Serigraphs in 2005. This particular print is #79/120
It comes with the original certificate of authenticity to authenticate the print. Printed in 28 beautiful colors.

Print Size: 20" x 26 "

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Janis Joplin Serigraph, Crumb on Joplin

Some months ago, we released through this newsletter, an etching edition of Crumb's Janis Joplin. The 50 print edition sold out very quickly without ever being available to the general public. However, we have many customers who don't use a computer or aren't signed up with the newsletter and they would be disappointed, and some even upset, if they never had the opportunity to purchase this image. So, in an effort to offer them this image of Janis without offending those that have purchased and invested in the etching edition, we have created a new 100 print serigraph edition of Janis. It's sized slightly larger, it's embossed with the publisher's chop and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, written by Crumb. For those of you who have purchased the etching and will not be buying the serigraph, this is what Crumb has written about Janis on the serigraph edition's Certificate of Authenticity:

Yeah, Janis, she was my buddy—poor thing. She was a very talented, gifted singer, but she got sidetracked by fame and her life went into a disastrous tailspin. In her last days she was surrounded by sycophants and music business hustlers just full of bad advice for her. She was young and, in spite of her tough, hard drinking exterior, she was innocent. She just wanted to please the crowds, who got excited when she screamed and stomped her feet and carried on histrionically on stage. The crowd loves a good show. The drawing of her that you have here is a remake of an earlier drawing I did of her back in 1969 when she was still alive. It presents this screaming showbiz Janis as she came to present herself to the public, the Janis that sweated blood to please the crowds. But personally, I think she was a better singer years before that, when she sang old time Country music and Blues in small clubs. She was great then, a natural born country girl shouter and wailer in the good old-time way. Just my opinion.

-R. Crumb November, '08

The white BFK Rives 280 gram serigraph edition paper is 12 x 15 inches.
The image is 7 x 9.5. Numbered edition of 100.
Signed by Robert Crumb.

$320 each.
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where's Crumb - Fall 2008

Robert is on page 184 of Genesis at this time in mid-October. He's scripted the book to be 201 pages long, so he only has about 17 pages to go. Then he has the cover and introduction and other odds and ends of course, but he's in the home stretch! He's currently in Paris now, but he'll soon return to Southern France and resume his work. Hopefully he'll finish the project by this year. At least, we all hope he does.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where's Crumb - Summer 2008 by Aline Kominsky Crumb

"Robert, Sophie and I arrived at The Crumb Family Farm (established in 1878) for the 130th Crumb Family Reunion, July 12th, 2008. Robert's father, "Chuck," was one of 14 brothers and sisters. Seven of them are still alive and five were there, in New Richland, Minnesota, with various spouses, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for this years family picnic. There was a cousin from Australia, two from Hawaii and of course, we came from France.

Upon arriving we immediately noticed the resemblance among the Crumb decendants. The Crumb genes seem to dominate, even if it's crossed with my eastern European Jewish genes—our daughter was instantly recognizable to many relatives she had never met before. One cousin, Laurie, who also married a Jew, was astonished by Sophie's resemblance to her son. The most amazing resemblance, however, was that of Robert and his cousin Scott Rollenhagen, who hadn't seen each other since 1952. They are the same height and build (including turkey neck and protruding adam's apple) and were dressed identically down to the sandals with socks and old man's cap. They both have little white beards and thick rimless glasses. Robert, Sophie and Scott played music together at`the party, never having rehearsed or discussed anything in advance. They all knew a lot of the same tunes and had no trouble playing for a few hours. Scott is also an artist, although we haven't seen his work. Robert sez, "Scott is the alternate me. the not famous me, who lives in peace and seclusion in the woods of northern Minnesota." Robert was moved and intrigued by Scott and fantascized a lot about what it would be like to be him!

In general, the Crumb Family was more open, intelligent, liberal and eccentric than I had imagined. Even tho I stood out like a Christmas tree, no one seemed to notice or care. The whole time we were in Minnesota, we stayed at cousin Diane Wendland"s house, along with Robert's sister Carol and nephew Avery. Diane's hospitality was boundless and we really fell in love with her and her 6 toed cats. Cousin Gail put us up in Madison, where we got to know Larry, our half Japanese cousin from Hawaii and visited Alex Wood. We really liked Madison; it seemed like a very liveable place. All in all my preconceptions about Midwestern America were untrue and my fears about meeting the other side of the family were unfounded...Live and Learn, EH???


That's all folks,"

-Aline Kominsky Crumb

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Chance!: Twas Ever Thus Signed & Numbered Serigraph Print

Wildwood celebrates its 20th signed limited serigraph edition with Robert Crumb with his famous Twas Ever Thus image. It originally appeared on the inside back cover of the hippy magazine Changes in the Spring of 1969.

There are 150 prints in this serigraph edition, each numbered, dated and signed by Robert Crumb.

The image is 15 inches wide by 18.5 inches tall. Each print is on cream 100% rag archival Rives BFK paper (22 x 28 inches) and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity written by Crumb and our guarantee for your complete satisfaction or your money back.

$340 each

We also have a brand new Twas Ever Thus Tee available exclussively on R.Crumb.com!

This print goes live on our site, RCrumb.com, this weekend, and begins shipping this Monday, July 22nd, 2008, but you can order it right now through this newsletter.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Charles Crumb Sr. recalls Winifred and Mary Crumb

This is a transcript by Charles (Chuck) Crumb, Robert's father, dictated sometime in the 1970's. It is about his father Winifred Maxon Crumb (1880-1951) and mother Mary ‘Chicos’ Crumb (1887-1974).

This is Chuck. Dorothy, our oldest sister, has asked me to do an audio tape in memory of our father and mother. The following are the exact words taken from this tape, for my brothers and sisters, their wives and husbands and their children and children’s children. Dorothy has asked me to do this tape and perhaps I am not completely fit to undertake something of this very serious nature. But, at the same time, perhaps I am because of the fact that my memories of home and family probably are deeper than others because of the fact that I’ve spent so much time away from home and, in some cases, in places and in situations where the memories of home were very dear to me.

First, I would like to talk about Dad. I guess in many ways Dad, who was a product of the frontier (whose people lived on the frontier in Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and Minnesota) was in many ways the last of the frontiersmen. And as I think of Dad I think of a person who, I believe, had in many ways achieved the secret of life.

Even in the worst times, I think we all will remember that Dad had a lot of responsibility. He had his own large family; he had his mother, and after Uncle Albert died, he also had some serious responsibilities with Aunt Ruth’s family. So he had a lot of responsibility and things could get pretty hectic and things could get quite anxious but, through it all, he could take his pipe and his book and escape from the pressures for a few hours.

My view of Dad, as a small boy I guess, probably isn’t unlike any child’s view of their father when they were little. And to me he was all strong, all just, all fair, and sometimes quite severe. But I guess we’ll all remember our father as being someone who was very kind and very firm. He seemed to have an innate sense of fairness.

He must have taken me almost everywhere with him when I was a small boy because I can remember many, many places that we went and incidents. One of them that I remember very clearly was driving into a farm yard and an old white-haired lady came running out of her house, completely grief-stricken, waving her arms in the air and looking at my father and shouting, “Rob is dead! Rob is dead!” This was the time they found Bob Ladd (they called him Rob, I guess) up in the north woods, dead. And, of course, this was Mrs Ladd.

The rest of this transcript is available with more images on the new Crumb Family History pages at RCrumb.com

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where's Crumb? - Summer 2008

Robert is planning on coming to America this summer to attend a family reunion in the Midwest. While in the Midwest, he'll sign a couple of new editions we're now printing. He's been working diligently on the Genesis project and is now on page 167—rounding the bend and coming down the final stretch.

First Chance!: Fritz The Cat Giclee Edition of 300

This Fritz The Cat Numbered and Limited Giclee Edition of 300 is based upon the Wildwood Serigraph edition of 2001. It's richly saturated on Somerset Velvet 255 gram archival paper. All of Wildwood's Giclee Editions use Epson's Ultrachrome Inks which have excellent pigment content and density. Using the best paper and inks gives us a beautiful print which we guarantee will completely satisfy you or your money back no questions asked.

Image Size: 15" x 19"
Paper Size: 18" x 24"

$80 Each
Buy Me

Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Chance!: Footsy Giclee Edition of 300

Our new Robert Crumb giclee print, Footsy, based on Wildwood's 1994 serigraph edition, is being released on April 14th. This deep, rich, saturated print is guaranteed to satisfy any and all of your expectations. The paper is an archival Somerset Velvet 255 gram paper. The inks used are archival Ultrachrome inks from Epson.

The image is 14.5" x 20".
The paper size is 18" x 24".

Buy Me

1 & Done: Robert and French Babe Signed Serigraph Print

We sold a few of these a couple of years ago. This is from a french edition that's been sold out for some time now. We have only one available to sell.

Dimensions: 9 1/2" x 11 3/4"


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cheap Thrills Signed Giclee Artist Proofs

The Artist Proofs for the Cheap Thrills Giclee edition are signed as well as numbered.

We only have 3 of the APs to sell!

Paper size: 23" wide, 24" tall
Image Size: 17" x 17"

Sold Out

1 & Done: Despair Signed and Numbered Serigraph Print

There were only 100 prints in this sold out serigraph edition. This copy is numbered #47/100.

For this edition Crumb reworked the line work and revised the cover a little bit. The certificate of authenticity is one of the coolest one's Crumb wrote, printed in his own handwriting, and explaining what "Despair" was all about.

Paper Size: 22 " x 30"

Image Size: 15" x 21.5 "


Sunday, March 16, 2008

In Search of "Twas Ever Thus"

We are looking for either the original art or a large good quality poster of Twas Ever Thus, the image featuring Mr. Natural riding a tractor, for the purpose of restoration and use in potential upcoming projects. The image would be scanned and then returned to the owner. We'll pay all shipping costs including insurance and are open to negotiate other compensation. We would also settle for a clean digital file of the image from a high resolution scan (300 pixels or more) at the size of the art.

If anyone can help us out with this please contact our webmaster, Todd Merrick Novak at beanlynch@rcrumb.com.

First Chance: Tommy The Toilet Numbered Giclee Edition of 200

By popular demand, we bring you Crumb's Tommy the Toilet, perfect for any bathroom wall. This is a limited, numbered giclee edition of 200 prints, printed with archival Ultrachrome inks on Somerset archival paper. Each print comes with our unconditional guarantee for your complete satisfaction.

Paper size: 17 x 22 inches.
Image size: 13 x 19 inches.

$75 Each

Buy Me

Where's Crumb - Spring 2008

Robert is in Southern France this Spring working on the Genesis project. He's working on page 145 presently. He has no other plans other than to illustrate as many pages as he is able before a possible excursion to the US this summer. That trip is tentative at this point, but it would be the first summer visit in several years. Also, Last Gasp is very close to reprinting the Hup series comics books (created in the mid to late 1980's) which have been out of print for some time. This would be very exciting, as the Hup series (four comic books) contain the introduction of Stan "the man" Schnooter, If I Were A King and of course, the return of Mr. Natural and the introduction of The Devil Girl.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Adventures of R. Crumb Himself Numbered Giclee

A new giclee limited edition of one of Crumb's most famous splash pages. This edition is based on the Wildwood Serigraph edition done in 1995, with subtle changes. There are 300 prints in this unsigned, numbered edition, all printed with vibrant, archival Ultrachrome ink. Paper used is Somerset Velvet archival paper.

Your complete satisfaction or your money back.

Paper size: 17" x 24"
Image size: 13" x 20"

$75 each
Buy Me

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Music Never Stops Giclee Artist Proofs

Extremely limited signed giclee Artist Proof edition (printed in 2007) of The Music Never Stopped. There are only 40 Artist Proofs which are signed as well as numbered by Robert Crumb.

We only have 3 for sale!!!

$450 each
Buy Me

Thursday, January 3, 2008

R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz, & Country

This beautifully printed hardcover book is 6 inches wide, 7.5 inches tall. This is a compilation of Crumb's trading card sets he created in the 1980's. The colorful images are enlarged to fill each page; there are 238 pages in this book.

Published by Abrams with introduction by Terry Zwigoff.

$20 Each
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R. Crumb's Sex Obsessions

German publisher Taschen has recently released their new limited edition R Crumb's Sex Obsessions. It is an eight inch by 11 inch hardcover book plus box and art print. This limited edition of 1,000 copies is a work of art in itself, with every part of the book—front and back covers, spine, and introductory pages—created for this project by Robert Crumb. Each book also comes with an art print selected by Mr. Crumb.

We only have 3 left of these.

$500 Each
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