Monday, July 19, 2010

Crumb on Crumb

The Official R.Crumb Site is pleased to announce the launching of a new feature, Crumb on Crumb. This section will present a growing collection of interviews and articles on R.Crumb's life and work, written by Crumb himself.

-- A discussion between Crumb and Wildwood Serigraphs' Alex Wood, July 2010

Alex is owner of Wildwood Serigraphs, the exclusive U.S. printer and publisher of R.Crumb serigraphs, giclees and etchings.

-- Crumb on LSD, the creation of his most famous characters, and his move to San Francisco in 1967

A transcription of an article originally appearing in The Complete Crumb Comics - Volume 4 (1988, Fantagraphics).

-- Robert's brother, Maxon, reflects on their childhood fascination with Treasure Island, and the inspiration for Robert's famed Treasure Island Days story.

The article originally appeared in shortened form in Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson (2004, Eureka Productions).