Wednesday, January 18, 2017

R Crumb Anti-Trump T-Shirts

Robert Crumb and announce the release of three Anti-Trump t-shirts. These shirts are screen printed directly onto Canvas 100% combed cotton t-shirts, which are much smoother and more comfortable than open-ended cotton shirts. They are offered in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL. 

Oh God T-Shirt

November 9th (the morning after the election) was a difficult time for the majority of the country, of which 40% of the electorate didn't even vote. The 60% that did vote was split between Clinton and Trump. So that means that only 30% of the American electorate voted for a completely unfit, unqualified, fraudulent conman as our new president. The resulting frustration and depression is perfectly captured by this Crumb illustration. But what's helpful is knowing that you're not alone! This illustration is a subtle and even humorous take on a very dark chapter in American history. Wearing it will bring you together with the majority of this country who are just as horrified as you are. Screen printed in two colors on a 100% combed cotton olive green shirt.

Small • Medium • Large • X-Large    $20

2XL      $23

TAX T-Shirt

In protest to Trump's refusal to release his tax returns and that he possibly didn't pay federal tax for many years, we're offering this image of Crumb (circa '67) screen-printed onto an athletic heather grey 100% combed cotton t-shirt.

Small • Medium • Large • X-Large    $20

2XL    $23     

Completely Insane T-Shirt

For the more philosophical of you who prefer to view this whole disastrous chain of events in a bigger picture, here's Mr. Natural very calmly summarizing where the American political situation is today. Printed on on a 100% combed cotton steel blue t-shirt in a small, unassuming but powerful size.  

Small • Medium • Large • X-Large   $20

2XL      $23

Keep On Truckin' Price Increase
I apologize for having raised the price of the Keep On Truckin' edition. I underestimated the demand for the print, and therefore underpriced it. It sold so quickly that I raised the price in an effort to slow sales in order to give more time to all our loyal customers who hadn't purchased their print yet. Many people were disappointed and even offended, but I had to do something and it seemed to work. Sales have slowed down and as of Tuesday evening, I have heard from almost all of our loyal customers. There are only about 12 prints left in the edition. I'm sorry for my mistake in underestimating the appeal of this image. Crumb and I both don't understand the mass appeal for this image, but it's still going strong! Thank you for your understanding.