Friday, April 27, 2018

Price Correction: Short History of America Giclee Typo

We made a mistake by posting the Short History of America 15 Panel giclee price as $430 on the Newsletter you received yesterday, which is incorrect. This is an unsigned giclee edition, so the price per print is actually $90, not $430.


As long as we're sending out a new Newsletter to rectify our mistake yesterday, I would like to bring attention to some small details in the Short History of America edition that you might not notice:

In panel 4 (1880's), there's a path that follows the fence line. In panel 5 (1890's), that path has been widened to a road, so the fence had to be removed and a portion of the side yard as well to make room for the road.

In panel 10 (1940's), Crumb has suggested the old outline of the "El Ropo" cigar poster coming through the fading "Myer's Drug Store" sign on the brick wall. I have colored it accordingly, but you might need magnification to appreciate Crumb's attention to detail. 

Also in panel 10, they implemented a new rain water sewage system as the grates show.

In panel 11 (1950's), they have replaced the 1940's railroad crossing light they had installed only about a decade earlier. America was wealthy around this time.

Those are just some of the details that I enjoy. There are many, many other details waiting to be enjoyed by another viewer.

Because the response has been stronger than I anticipated, I won't be able to fulfill all the orders until early next week. Thank you!