Saturday, November 10, 2007

American Splendor Presents Bob & Harv's Comics Serigraph Print Signed & Numbered by Robert Crumb & Harvey Pekar

Wildwood Serigraphs is proud to release this 170 print serigraph edition signed by both Robert Crumb and Harvey Pekar. The image size is 14.5" by 20". BFK Rives cream archival paper size 22" by 30". Throughout most of the 1970's, Crumb illustrated many stories written and published by Harvey Pekar (released in his American Splendor comic book). These stories were collected and later published as a book in the mid-1990's, with this image as its cover. Robert reiterates:

"As plainly stated by Harvey on the cover, this book was his idea, an attempt to cash in on the flurry of media attention I was getting in the mid-1990's because of the documentary film "Crumb," by Terry Zwigoff. This book was a compilation of all the stories that Harvey and I had collaborated on since the early '70's. It sold modestly well over the years, and thanks to the impeccable honesty of the small, independent publisher, we each still receive a small royalty check every year!"
-Robert Crumb

Harvey Pekar had this to write on the Certificate of Authenticity, which accompanies each print:

"Robert Crumb is not only a great artist but has had a tremendously positive effect on my work. If not for his support, I’d probably wouldn’t have gotten into writing comics. It’s not generally realized what a fine guy he is; he constantly helps people as a matter of course."
-Harvey Pekar

Each Wildwood prints comes with our full guarantee for your complete satisfaction or your money back.

$350 Each
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