Saturday, November 10, 2007

Zap #0 Signed and Numbered Serigraph Print by Robert Crumb

Everyone is probably aware that Crumb drew this famous cover first before Zap #1, even though Zap #1 was published and sold before Zap #0. But in many ways, it's this image which is associated with Crumb's plunge into (and pioneering) underground comics. Perhaps to fully understand and connect with this image, you had to have been there. Here's what Crumb has to say about Zap #0, taken from the Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies each print:

"It was Rick Griffin who thought of calling this one number 'Zero'. We were then in the process of putting together Zap Comix #2, that is, me, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso and Clay Wilson, in the summer of '68. I was 25 years old, going on 26. Zap Comix #1 had been out, in print, since February of that year. I had finished drawing number "Zero" before #1, but the original artwork, all 24 pages, had been absconded, and I didn't see it again until ten years later, when I had it in my hands briefly before it was again absconded. Fortunately, I had made xerox copies of all the artwork and it was from these xeroxes that all subsequent printings of this artwork originated, except the cover. I wasn't happy with the cover, and redrew it, using basically the same idea and logo with modifications.

Obviously this cover was very LSD-inspired. At the time I drew it, late s
ummer or early fall of 1967, I was taking LSD fairly frequently. Not as frequently as some people, but, say once every six weeks or so—often enough to be convinced that psychedelic drugs were a short-cut to enlightenment. I would not listen to anyone who said differently, because I knew! I'd taken the trips! I'd been there! These days, I'm not so sure. The verdict's not in. One thing is obvious here: this cover is a reflection of the times; it's 1967; a young cartoonist is jacked up out of his mind on drugs and thinking it's great stuff."
-R. Crumb, Forty years later

The edition is 110 prints. The dimension of the artwork is 15" x 19.5". The Rives BFK archival cream paper it's printed on is 22 x 30 inches. All prints are sold with our guarantee for your complete satisfaction or your money back.

This edition is on sale now and begins shipping on November 14, 2007.

$340 Each
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